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"A life without music is no life" 

Andrea has been singing since childhood. She grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden, and had her first singing lesson at the age of seven. Throughout her childhood and youth she received weekly singing lessons and by the age of eight had already appeared on stage. 

"When I was a child I was asked if I wanted to sing in a choir and I replied firmly; No, I wanna sing alone!"

After high school she studied music for one year at "Billströmska Folkhögskola", followed by a year of theatre studies at "Wendelsberg's Theater School".

In 2006 Andrea won the famous "Göteborgs Lucia", a vocal competition in Gothenburg which led to more than 200 appearances in only 3 weeks.

In addition to guest appearances in Scandinavium and the Gothenburg City Theatre, she worked for 3 years

as a singer at the Hard Rock Cafe Göteborg.

"I've always had, and still have a great need to develop myself, improve my skills and learn new things. No knowledge is unnecessary knowledge!"


2007 Andrea began her three-year musical training at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, from which she graduated in 2010. 

​Directly after graduation she was engaged as a soloist for AIDA Cruises, where she worked on various ships for the German Cruise fleet. Besides more than 25 stylistically different shows in which she has sung and danced, she also presented her own successful solo program "Live & Love", which you can see here.

"To participate in NSVI is like refilling your art soul with more energy"

To maintain her professional development and to seek out new inspiration while optimizing her vocal technique, Andrea has for many years participated in the Neil Semer Vocal Institue (NSVI). This cours wich is run by the famous vocal coach from New York and which takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Coesfeld and Aub in Germany, is very popular with singers from all over the world.

Since 2013 Andrea Stjernedal has lived in Munich. In addition to her engagement with AIDA Cruises Andrea works successfully as a freelance singer in Sweden and Germany, solo or with a band​.


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