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Solo concert - Live & Love


The following video is a compilation of the solo concert that Andrea performed

on AIDA Cruises. She herself created the successful show which is a mix of 

some of her favourite musical theatre tunes. The original show is 30 minutes.

Movie Gala - The Last Unicorn 

Andrea performed this song on AIDAsol 2012 in one of their shows called "Movie Gala". The music is from the movie "The Last Unicorn"

Lady Gaga Spot


This is a clip from a special show that was created on AIDAluna 2011. Together with her colleagues, Andrea put this Lady Gaga Spot together, and performed it in the party bar "Anytime" to a full house!


Best of Nancy Sinatra with Liveband Acoustic Avenue

Andrea created this very succesfull show along with her boyfriend and colleague Sebastian Schwarzbach, frontman of the band Acoustic Avenue, on AIDAluna in 2013. The Concert was performed in the theater with the talented musicians Tobias Langguth (Guitar), and Bernhard Seidel (Bass).


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